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Let’s Tour with KLCL!

Posted on 13 April 2017


Essential Touring Gear from KLCL Enterprise

The open road beckons you to ride on and on, as far as it would go, maybe across the border into Thailand and beyond. Or there’s an event in another state that you’ll be riding to with your buddies.

But wherever it is you’re riding to, or what bike you’re riding on, KLCL Enterprise has plenty of riding gear you could rely on, for your comfort and safety during the ride and reaching your destination ready for full enjoyment and more importantly, in one piece.

We here at KLCL Enterprise understands your touring and riding needs, so here are a few items we’ve selected:



By and large, and we’re overstating the obvious, the helmet is the single most important safety gear any rider must have. Not all helmets are made equal, not all are 100% safe but you should always go for the best you could afford.



Quantum-J Pride


While the RX-7 series is intended as racing and track ready helmets, Arai intended the Quantum-J as a fullfaced sport-touring and urban riding helmet.

Arai arrived at the same level of protection as the RX-7x by using different materials for the Quantum-J, so you can be assured of the best protection possible as per Arai’s all-consuming philosophy. Hence, the Quantum-J still surpassed the ECE 22.05 and SNELL M2015 standards, plus approvals by FIM and ACU (means you are allowed to use the helmet on the track).

The Quantum-J offers a much roomier fit, using softer and “lighter” cheekpads and comfort liners. Airflow is still good, utilizing Arai’s ubiquitous brow vents and large chin vent.

As with all Arai helmets imported officially by KLCL Enterprise, please insist on seeing the SIRIM sticker to make sure its genuine.



Schuberth E1


Schuberth’s E1 is the perennial favourite among adventure-touring (read: GS) riders and it’s easy to see why.

Built to Schuberth’s high standards and based on their popular C3 Pro modular helmet, the E1 is plush and well-finished adventure modular with many practical features.

The peak is adjustable for 3 positions and removable. In addition to the C3 Pro’s single vent, the E1 has an added large-sized chinbar vent to keep the rider cool when the going slows down on dirt roads or slow traffic.

Other features include a sunvisor, two integrated FM antennas for the Schuberth-Cardo SRC Bluetooth communication system and Schuberth’s proprietarty Anti-Roll-Off System (AROS) which avoids the helmet from rolling forward and hitting the rider’s neck or chest in the event of a crash.

Developed in Schuberth’s own windtunnel, the E1 is as quiet as it’s aerodynamic.



KLCL Enterprise is well ahead of the current ever-growing trend for adventure and sport-touring motorcycles, hence we have a good selection of touring jackets for both segments.


Macna Furio


From the fast-growing rider wear maker, Macna, is this mesh adventure-touring jacket.

Mesh material covers almost the entire shell of the jacket, save for the large front and rear pockets, and areas above the shoulders and arms. That of course translates to a jacket which is well-suited to our weather. The internal mesh layer wicks moisture quickly to keep the wearer cool, and keeps the jacket from sticking to the skin.

Using more mesh material also keeps the jacket lightweight as compared to most touring jackets in the market.

If the mesh material makes the Furio suitable to our weather, then the rainsuit conveniently contained in the rear pouch makes it perfect.

It’s relatively low price ensures it a great value.


Macna Flare

Compared to the Furio, the Flare is intended for general riding and shorter in length.

The great features found on the Flare remains the same as the Furio’s, including great ventilation and comfort for the wearer. The Flare also includes a rainsuit, contained in a detachable pouch at the rear.

Simple, lightweight and practical, and priced at a great price, the Flare looks to be the perfect jacket for not just touring but all your riding needs.



KLCL Enterprise not only distributes helmets, we also offer the best gadgets for almost every aspect of your riding.


Cardo Packtalk


It doesn’t matter if you’re riding alone, with a passenger or in a group, communications are imperative.

The Scala Rider Packtalk is an award-winning Bluetooth communicator from the German specialist Cardo Systems and being of Teutonic origins, it’s functional, tough and reliable. The features are easy to use and audio quality is top notch. Every set comes complete with different mounting options, enabling you to install it on any type of helmet you have.

We’ve tested it in the heat and rain, during city riding, high speed riding, even dropped it into a puddle of water but it just kept working. We’ve also ridden with it to beyond 200 km/h, without having the communications cutting out. Those who spoke to us via their phones never noticed that we were in the midst of riding.

We were also able to pair our phones and dedicated GPS to the headset, besides for the obligatory music playback capabilities.

But what sets the Packtalk apart from the rest is its DMC Intercom Mode, which allows auto-adaptive connectivity for up to 15 riders. With other Bluetooth motorcycle communicators, the link between the pack of riders will be interrupted should one (or more) rider exits the group (or gets lost), which then necessitates the group to stop and repair their headsets. With DMC however, repairing is unnecessary as the Packtalk will do so automatically – hence auto-adaptive.



Pinlock plugs

We can’t say this seriously enough: You must earplugs when you ride.

Permanent hearing damage results from prolonged exposure to noise levels above 85 dB, and we are constantly exposed to levels of up to 105 dB while riding. Besides causing harm to your hearing, a rider will soon tire from fighting the wind noise.

But while generic earplugs save your hearing at highway (and racetrack) speeds, they rob the rider of his environmental awareness in traffic and while passing through towns along the way.

We found a great solution to this.

Made by Pinlock, the very same company that gives us clear vision through our helmets, these earplugs are “intelligent.”

They contain special filters that are tuned to filter out the harmful frequencies and noise, keeping the sound levels at a maximum of 85 dB. This means you could still hear conversations, the traffic around you and your bike’s engine note, besides the audio from your Bluetooth communicator –minus the whistling and roaring wind noise.



X-Guard handlebar mount
X-Guard handlebar mount

Want to use your mobile phone as a GPS while touring but can’t find a better mounting system? We feel you. We’ve tried so many brands and types but none to our satisfaction, despite having lowered our expectations.

Until X-Guard came along.

The centrepiece of X-Guard’s mounting solutions is the handlebar mount. But rather than being made from plastic, X-Guard offers mounts of two materials: Zinc alloy and aluminium. We’ve put both types through some strenuous real-world abuses and they came away with flying colours.

X-Guard handlebar mount (aluminium alloy)
X-Guard handlebar mount (aluminium alloy)

Mated to the X-Guard are the different phone/GPS holders, including cases and attachment plates for waterproofed gadgets but our favourite is the Splash Proof Bag.

X-Guard Splash Proof Bag
X-Guard Splash Proof Bag

Its universal size is large enough to accommodate the iPhone 6 Plus and is touch sensitive (provided you wear gloves with touch fingertips). The most practical feature, however, is the mating plate which provides ventilation to the inside of the pouch, because any one who has used GPS on his phone will attest to the phone heating up immensely and eventually hanging altogether. There’s a mesh material covering the ventilation holes to keep water out.

Vents for the splash proof bag
Vents for the splash proof bag



EBAT Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
EBAT Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Along with chain maintenance, tyre pressure is the most neglected aspect by many motorcyclists.

While every right-minded rider knows that under-inflation causes unwanted rolling resistance which leads to the tyre overheating (shortens tyre life), bad fuel mileage and potentially loss of control, we still forget (or lazy, in some cases) to check our tyre pressures.

That is why a few high-end touring and sport-touring motorcycles are equipped with tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) as standard. But what about bikes that don’t include this feature?

Best to install the TPMS from EBAT.

EBAT’s solution uses an entirely independent display, which is solely dedicated to reading the inflation pressure from the sender units that caps off the bike’s tyre inflation valve in real-time. The unit will warn you with loud beeps, a flashing red light and blinking pressure display, should the pressure drop too low.