BEDOINE Night eye$

The Bedoine motorcycle pants feature detachable waterproof and thermal layers to keep you warm and dry, with plenty of air vents and 3D mesh for those hot, dry days!

Macna’s Bedoine men’’s motorcycle pants feature an adjustable belt and suspenders to fit a wide variety of body shapes. The “Waist Lock” buckle system ensures that the pants fit securely with no risk of the mechanism being torn out, which can happen with traditional snaps.

Not only are the Bedoine men’s motorcycle pants comfortable, but they are also top-shelf in the protection department. Did you know that statistically, the legs are one of the most likely parts of the body to suffer injury in a crash? To address this concern, the Bedoine motorcycle pants feature two different abrasion-resistant fabrics and adjustable CE armor to provide the protection you need in all the right places.

Night Eye technology:

The revolutionary Night Eye technology will take the visibility of motorcyclists at night to a higher level. A normal grey colored outfit during day time, will light up like a traffic sign in a cars headlights during night time. Never before a motorcyclist was this good visible at night for other road users!

Side eye technology:

Increase your visibility at night!
Especially from the flanks the Macna Side-eye reflective parts will increase your visibility in the dark. These thermally bonded parts look smooth and will not influence the jacket’s functionality or comfort

Anti-Slip strips technology:

Integrated sticky shapes provide extra grip, and prevent you from sliding back and forth on your seat.Flexibelt 2.0 technology:

Straight connection zipper.
The long connection zipper is connected to the adjustable part of the waist strap. When tightening, the part with the connection zipper will slide over the basic waist of the pants. The zipper will always lay nice and flat on top, adjustability of the waist is not blocked by the non stretching and hard to fold zipper, as in conventional pants.

Heatshield technology:

Heat resistant at the bottom.
These Heatshields will prevent your pant from a melt down when accidentally touching your bike’s hot engine or exhaust pipe.


Accessible from the outside. With the entrance of the pocket placed on the outside of the shell, removing the protectors for your regular washing session is simple and fast.


Prepared to keep your pants up.
The optional suspenders will keep your pants in place, no matter what body shape you have. The suspenders use two buckles at the front but connect to the standard short connection zipper at the back. To still be able to connect your pants to your jacket the suspenders have an additional short connection zip.

Waist lock:

A strong and lasting system.
This reliable strong buckle replaces the traditional snap-hook construction which has been used for ages. A solution that lasts!

Sizes: S-3XL

Colors: Night eye (reflective)

Weather type: Waterproof / All seasons

Fit: Tour

Materials: Durylon, Dynamic, R-tech

Lining: 3-layer system with detachable RaintexPlus membrane and thermo liner

Visibility: Night Eye, Side Eye

Protection: CE hip protector prepared, CE-protection at knee

Other specs: 3D mesh, Anti-slip strips, Flexibelt 2.0, Heatshield, Long connection zipper, Quick Pocket, Suspender prepared, Waist lock

Gender: Men

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