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The Macna Chili Men’s Motorcycle Jacket for men is a warm weather/summer riding jacket. Macna’s Chili motorcycle jacket consists of a combination of abrasion-resistant Nylon in the impact zones with a 3-D mesh to increase the flow of air through the jacket.

The Macna Chili motorcycle jacket offers the protection of a true riding jacket on those days when heat is an issue. The 3-D mesh keeps the jacket off of the body and allows air to flow through as if you were not wearing motorcycle gear at all. This short jacket features a lengthened back panel that ensures complete coverage even when in riding position. Also featured are a connection zipper for attaching pants and arm and waist straps for a custom fit.

Vision vest technology:

Instant visibility.
With its bright neon colour and large reflective parts it will boost your visibility day and night! The vest can be fixed onto the jacket through two integrated buckles and a build in zipper and can remain onto the jacket at all times. The Vision vest does not interfere with the jackets’ functionality.

Side eye technology:

Increase your visibility at night!
Especially from the flanks the Macna Side-eye reflective parts will increase your visibility in the dark. These thermally bonded parts look smooth and will not influence the jacket’s functionality or comfort

LED light prepared technology:

Light up your back with the optional LED light.

The high position of this bright light improve your visibility. With it’s 5 powerfull LED’s it can be used for up to 3 hours continueous or 6 hours in flash modus. Charging is simply done by connecting the USB cable to charger or even computer.

Night Eye technology:

The revolutionary Night Eye technology will take the visibility of motorcyclists at night to a higher level. A normal grey colored outfit during day time, will light up like a traffic sign in a cars headlights during night time. Never before a motorcyclist was this good visible at night for other road users!

Sizes: S-XXXL

Colors: Night Eye (reflective)

Weather type: Summer

Fit: Tour

Materials: 3D Mesh, Night Eye, R-tech

Lining: Mesh

Visibility: Led Light prepared, Night Eye, Side Eye, Vision Vest prepared

Ventilation: Mesh panels

Protection: CE backprotector prepared, CE protector shoulder & elbows

Gender: Men

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