JURA Night Eye$

The revolutionary Night Eye technology will take the visibility of motorcyclists at night to a higher level. A normal grey colored outfit during day time, will light up like a traffic sign in a cars headlights during night time. Never before a motorcyclist was this good visible at night for other road users!

Microscopic glass beads are integrated in the Night Eye fabric and work as small satellite dishes. Even the smallest amount of light will be reflected right back to the source by these tiny mirrors. While traditional jackets only have small bits of reflective material, the overall presence of Night Eye reflective material will make your whole silhouette light up. You’ll be seen in any light condition! On dark roads or roads lit by street lights. You’ll also be clearly visible from the side, close up and even from a very long distance.

Air vents technology:

Necessary cooling
Prevent yourself from overheating by opening the mesh panels on hot summer days. When ventilation is no longer needed, the panels can be quickly closed, off course with your gloves still on.

Sizes: S-4XL

Colors: Night eye (reflective)

Weather type: Waterproof / all seasons

Fit: Tour / Enduro

Materials: Night Eye, Poly 500, R-tech

Lining: 3-layer system with detachable Raintex membrane and thermo liner

Visibility: Led Light prepared, Night Eye, Side Eye, Vision Vest prepared

Ventilation: Air vents

Protection: CE backprotector prepared, CE protector shoulder & elbows (Knox)

Gender: Men

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