Macna’s Vantera glove is a waterproof 3-season motorcycle glove for men that features three types of leather, a high-performance knuckle protection system, and a unique waterproof membrane. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a glove that matches this level of comfort and protection.

The Macna Vantera motorcycle glove uses semi-hard rubber knuckle protection, as well as the “RISC” hard knuckle protection system, which spreads the force of impact using a cushion of air for exceptional impact protection. The gauntlet design protects the wrist and keeps wind and water out.

The 30-degree wrist strap provides enhanced comfort and free wrist movement. And you’ll love the curved “ErgoThumb” design, which mimics the natural curve of the thumb and forefinger, preventing material from bunching up when gripping the handlebars. An integrated rubber wiper is included.

The Vantera motorcycle glove is one of the most advanced gloves for keeping your hands dry through the use of the “OutDry” waterproof membrane that is laminated directly inside the outer shell to keep the glove dry and lightweight. Inside is a silky Bemberg liner and Thermolite insulation.

R.I.S.C knuckle and palm protection:

A hard shell will spread the force of impact
Because of the air cushion the impact will not directly hit your knuckles but will be spread over the whole knuckle part. The hard plastic also works as a sliding pad, reducing friction
with the road.

An external hard shell part, works as a sliding pad or spreads the impact.
It especially protects the pisciform bone and it’s surroundings.

Finger protection:

The height of the knuckle protectors on the fingers make your gloves slide without your knuckles touching the ground. The open bridge construction keeps material to a minimum and protects the optional ventilation opening.

30-degree buckle:

With the buckle of the wrist strap placed in an ergonomically optimized place, under a 30˚ angle, the wrist can move freely.

Ergo thumb:

The combined part for the finger’s side wall and thumb gives a wrinkle free look and the reduction of seams also avoids pressure points against the grips of your handlebar.


Simply sweep the rain off your visor with the integrated rubber rain wiper placed in pointer finger or the thumb of your gloves.

Sizes: M-XXXL

Colors: Black

Weather type: Summer

Materials: Cow anilin leather, Goat nubuck, Soft goat leather

Lining: Bemberg liner, OUTDRY membrane

Protection: R.I.S.C. knuckle and palm protection, TPU finger protection

Other specs: 30 degree buckle, Ergothumb, Grip print, Screencleaner

Gender: Men

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